A Fundamental Disregard for the Storage Capacity of a Chevrolet Bolt EV

My first story in the world of woodworking

I really don't know why I decided to pick up woodworking and carpentry. It is never something I really had any interest in. I think it came down to 2 things: it was a hobby that wasn't digital, and it would help me learn to be ok with precision. I also decided to start this hobby after downsizing from a Ford Explorer to a Chevy Bolt. I love the Bolt, and electric cars. I have had such a good time with this car, and talking about it might be a post later; However it is small.

I decided to start small with woodworking and decided to build an 8'X6' workbench. After extensive research, I've determined the Bolt has about 5 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet of usable storage space. When planning the project, I was more focused on the tools I'd need, or making sure it would fit in the space I picked. So off I went to Lowes, and Picked up the lumber: 2 4X8 sheets of plywood, 4 6 foot 2X4s and some hardware.

After visiting the in-store saw, I was able to at least fit everything in by rolling down the passenger side window and holding the plywood in place with my hand.

bolt with wood

I only had to drive about 400 yards from the parking lot to my house, so I wasn't too concerned that everything was hanging out of the trunk. After looking like an idiot in a Lowes' parking lot, I was finally ready to put hammer to nail.


I had such a great time putting this thing together once I got it into my garage. I have issued with being precise, often opting for a "good enough" model. This really challenged me to throw that out and be intentional about every measurement and cut. I had a plan and I followed it precisely. I don't always do that, and try to add my own little flair. This wasn't the time to get creative, and I can't argue with the result. The damn thing actually was level, all the pieces fit together like they had been made professionally (well.. semi-professionally) and it looked good.


This ended up being a fun project way out of my wheelhouse that taught me a hell of a lot, and began a very fun exploration of woodworking.