VR WireShark Packet Viewer

An old VR Project


It's time for a little Throwback Wednesday. One of my first VR projects came from working at a Wifi company back in 2017. I was customer support, and I was getting taught a lot of network security stuff on the side. One day, my Co-worker introduced me to wireshark. If you aren't familiar, it's a tool that captures network packets and displays the information they contain. It does a bunch of other stuff, but that's the general idea. I thought it was a bit confusing to look through the monumental amount of data, so I went home and made this.

I liked this project because it was one of those things that just always went right. I figured out a lot of the main features after one or two attempts. The whole thing was done in one day, which for me is a pretty sweet accomplishment.

Anyway, the link to the video is above. It pulls in a JSON object from a wireshark run, reads through it and instantiates little mail tube, color coded and contains the data for that packet. The player sits on a little elevator that is next to a wall of packets. you move up and down, grab a packet, then stick it into a machine that displays the contained information on screen.

I think the project came out looking pretty good, especially for a one day project. It had potential, it was a bit slower than it needed to be, but hey, it's considered done.