Web platform for local art, crafts, goods etc.

Etsy, but for local goods

We went walking around the local farmers market the other day, taking in all the sites, sounds, the smells of produce and CBD infused deodorant. It takes place every Saturday over summer, and is close to a neat little store called 'The Local' which sells goods made by local craftspeople. While looking at whipped honey and handmade shopping bags, it hit me as a cool idea to have a single store that sells exclusively local stuff, and how that idea could be expanded on. I think it would be pretty cool to take the model of Etsy but add in the ability to sort to only your local area.

I kinda feel like the online market for homemade stuff might be cornered and any addition becomes white noise. However, I still would be very curious how something that has a niche for local products would do...

Maybe I'll give it a try, or maybe I'll forget and never get to it. Who knows.